Course curriculum

    1. Getting a good night's sleep with acute lower back pain

    2. New NICE guidelines advise drug treatments 'ineffective' for chronic primary pain

    3. What is chronic primary pain?

    4. How to find a chiropractor near you.

    1. What is pain, anyway?

    2. Malcolm's story: From unrelenting pain to a new lease of life!

    3. Is it safe to exercise when your lower back hurts?

    4. Movement is medicine- helping you to overcome your pain

    1. Little muscle- BIG pain!

    2. Back pain when coughing or sneezing? How to settle your symptoms at home

    3. Low back disc injuries

    1. "Slipped discs"- are they all that they seem?

    1. One simple step to better posture!

    2. One simple step to better posture at work!

    3. Use a half foam roller to improve your posture

    4. Acorn Health: Pilates and Chiropractic to get you moving well and feeling great!

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