What's inside?

A wealth of knowledge contained in bite-sized lessons to help you build your understanding of sciatica and how to reduce your symptoms at home

    1. What is sciatica?

    2. Understanding pain

    3. Video Lesson: "Slipped discs"- are they all that they seem?

    1. When sciatic pain persists (or comes back!)

    2. The truth about painkillers

    3. Is it safe to exercise when your lower back hurts?

    4. Best treatment options for sciatica

    5. Do I need scans or surgery?

    1. Getting a good night's sleep with acute lower back pain

    2. Exercises to help with sciatica

    3. Resource: What should my doctor do to help? (Clinical guidelines)

    4. How to find a chiropractor near you.

About this course

  • £65.00
  • 12 lessons

This course is for you if...

  • You or someone you love is currently struggling with sciatica

  • You've recently recovered from sciatica and want to prevent reoccurrence

  • You want to understand more about your symptoms and what you can do to help at home

  • You're a practitioner looking for a reputable course to signpost your patients to

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